7 Point Checklist To Find the Best Affiliate Programs

Over the last 20 or so years, I’ve seen many “thrilling” evaluations on what to search for to find the great associate software where you could make money.

Some human beings advocate you go for the best payouts, and others will say network income according to click on (EPCs) are critical.

Unless you’re intercepting the shop or carrier provider’s visitors, these can be warning signs and no longer indicators that the associate application is right. And that is why I’m writing this submit.

What is the Best Affiliate Programs?” is one of the most not unusual questions I get requested while speakme at meetings – particularly writer and search engine optimization ones.

So, I’d want to share seven of the maximum crucial elements I examine earlier than selling an associate application or once I have two exact potentials and cannot determine which to test first.

In addition to metrics, you’ll additionally examine the reasons why each matters and, in many cases, how to test and see if it’ll follow for your state of affairs.

This is how you could find an associate program with the pleasant threat of making a living.

This list isn’t so as, except for the primary one. Before we soar in, I point out “testing” plenty in the course of. The maximum simple affiliate Tracking take a look at is:

  • Click your associate link.
  • Add merchandise to the cart.
  • Checkout like a patron could.
  • See if the fee shows up for your account.

Do no longer get distracted via coins back, coupons, multiple bills being available, advertisements jogging throughout the site for different organizations or brands, and many others. The goal is to see if basic tracking is operating, no longer attribution checking out.

Now here’s the listing of what I search for while choosing associate programs, and what I suggest you look for, too.

1. Responsive Managers

The most critical thing earlier than joining an affiliate programs is to jot down to an affiliate manager through the contact data in the network.

In the e-mail, introduce yourself, proportion why you’re a very good match, and the way you’ll offer cost to the brand.

It also can be a great idea to ask a few questions about this system and tracking so that you can gauge their skill and understanding stage. Plus, asking questions gives the affiliate manager a motive to reply.

If the affiliate manager or factor of contact does no longer respond inside two enterprise days, pass on.

If an associate manager is not responsive whilst you’re looking to ship them enterprise, what occurs when tracking breaks or sales cross missing?

If they don’t reply to you whilst matters are proper, you may wager you’ll be overlooked while they’re awful.

And affiliate programs issues occur regularly. The best exception to joining with out a reaction is that if the affiliate manager is on excursion and also you get an vehicle-responder.

In this example, set a reminder to test your e-mail days after their go back.

When asking questions, pick out yours wisely. Some associates will ask if there are product samples, conceitedness codes, and many others.

But don’t forget that best affiliate progrmas are not intended in order to get free merchandise; they’re on the way to pressure customers to a shop and earn commissions.

Asking in advance and without riding sales first could make you appear to be you’re joining at no cost product and now not critical.

Share your business plan with the supervisor the usage of the product, and avoid announcing you’ll “do a evaluation.” Doing a evaluation gives you fewer opportunities to make money in the long run and has a good deal less fee for the logo than a “how to” guide or solution-oriented content.

Other questions to ask can include which you’re searching out marketing strategies, any backup monitoring structures which can be used, how they account for cross-device tracking within the affiliate program, and what the attribution strains seem like or in which you’ll fall on the attribution traces in case you be a part of.

When the affiliate manager responds, ask for specifics in case you want to recognize their skill and knowledge stages. But this isn’t important on your fulfillment within the program.

If the manager is a advertising strategist and gives you unique information vs. Commonplace statements, that is a superb signal. Good affiliate manager will look at your web site and give you methods to improve or pressure income from the get-cross.

They’ll never say, “Add a link,” “Use a discount code,” or, “Do a overview.”

If the solution isn’t always precise and does now not have examples or information, the person likely does not understand advertising and marketing and is hoping you won’t know or question them. It isn’t their fault; many corporations placed access-degree human beings into the affiliate manager position.

Or the company doesn’t see the associate advertising and marketing channel as high-fee and excessive-impact, so they don’t want to pay for a advertising strategist or generalist.

The fundamental element is that you get a reaction.

Don’t matter this system or affiliate manager out for now not having understanding – being a strategic marketer is your process, now not theirs.

2. Audience Demographic Matches

There’s no shortage of stores that promote cellular phones or t-shirts, but the locations you could ship your visitors to will have distinct target audience demographics and promoting factors that speak to the ones audiences.

If you send your site visitors to the wrong enjoy, you’ll probable see a decrease conversion price and make much less money.

The price of the cellular smartphone or shirt may additionally matter on your target market, and both providers are discounted pricing, but the user revel in for conversion quotes additionally consists of:

  • Wording.
  • Selling points.
  • Return regulations.
  • Imagery.
  • Free delivery.
  • Press coverage.
  • Etc.

If these elements do not fit your referral’s needs, they will now not convert in addition to a store that does.

This is why it’s far crucial to find out who the principle purchaser base of each retailer or provider provider is.

Pro tip: You can find your demographics inside your analytics bundle and percentage how to locate this records with the affiliate manager. This helps the affiliate manager research something new and makes you a advertising useful resource for them. Being their trusted aid gives you extra possibilities to develop within the application.

If you don’t recognise a way to use analytics, no problem. Start by way of surveying your personal target market to your site the use of bureaucracy, pop-ups, and newsletter blasts to discover what’s critical to them.

Ask them about charge points, or in the event that they’re willing to pay greater for things like protection and stability (IT), luxury, and carrier (inn stays or clothing). Maybe unfastened transport offers depend greater than a percentage off, or it may be versions and options like colors, sizes, and expedited delivery (important for ultimate-minute gifts or cut-off dates).

By knowing what subjects on your target audience and your visitor demographics, you can higher suit their needs to the associate applications you sell. This could lead to an increase in conversions and your income.

Example: Let’s pretend we’ve got affiliate programs, A and B.

  • Affiliate programs A has the first-rate fee and a higher payout however no money-back assure or loose transport.
  • Provider B offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee but a slightly lower payout. Program B lists those promoting points through the “Add to cart” button.

Even although software A’s payout is higher and the price factor is better, B can also meet the wishes of your target market greater and convert higher, assisting you earn more money.

And don’t overlook the discounted price may also suggest a decrease AOV. If the fee is percent-based totally and not a flat payout, that lowers your income.

This should mean the better charge point with a lower percentage should have higher commissions in the long run.

The figuring out factor here is a higher demographic in shape with age, income, rural/urban/suburban, etc., and the agree with developers.

3. Live Chat and Traffic Leaks

Some things often no longer considered are stay chat and site visitors leaks.

A site visitors leak is whilst you ship your traffic to the service provider, and the merchant allows it to leave their website or makes it very smooth in your referral to click any other affiliate’s links.

Years in the past, some large container stores used to have humans vicinity orders on-line and then pay in individual after they picked them up at the store.

This prompted your commissions no longer to be tracked, that is why they had been considered a leak.

But I haven’t visible this in a long term.

I am seeing greater customer service and stay chat taking orders and, in some instances, potentially bypassing the associate monitoring.

Here’s how I test and see if there’s a leak or overwrite.

Go to each associate software you’re considering joining and search for customer service, particularly stay chat features. Start a communication with guide and/or stay chat and ask if they are able to take your order.

If stay chat or phone guide takes the order and also you do not use the buying cart, your sale will probable no longer be tracked. In a few cases (no longer very frequently, though), live chat may also provide the user a link to click on on, which can upload a touch factor and override affiliate monitoring.

More typically, stay chat may additionally procedure the order without your browser or device being inside the loop. When that takes place, the stay chat seller gets credit score for the sale, and also you don’t get your commission.

Not all live chats take orders and bypass the buying cart, and once in a while smartphone support will help you but require you to undergo the shopping cart.

As lengthy because the sale stays within the cart and through your associate monitoring, you should be first-rate. But you’ll need to check.

  • Click your link, open a live chat window, and ask the questions a consumer would ask.
  • See if stay chat can take your order, and in the event that they do, allow them to make the purchase.
  • Now test the network and notice if you did or did no longer get the fee. Many networks are in real-time; if they aren’t, deliver the time required for it to expose. Some Best Affiliate Programs still do a daily batch procedure that feeds income records every 24 hours.
  • If the fee did or did now not show up, you have got your answer on stay chat being a leak.

Pro tip: If you’re going to cancel the order due to the fact you had been checking out, let the associate manager realize you had been doing a take a look at before joining so you don’t start out on a bad be aware.

Bonus tip: I don’t advise canceling the sale. Having the product available helps you to communicate from real-existence experience, which is critical for any evaluate content and constructing E-E-A-T. You can take pictures with the product in hand and create movies that display the solutions are real and may be performed.

There are other sorts of leaks. It may be when the person searches for a chit and does a Google search at checkout.

The person leaves the store to discover a code, clicks a discount associate’s link, and if attribution is not installation efficaciously, you lose the fee on the final 2nd.

The keep ought to have outside advertisements within their own site riding your referrals to a new site wherein they convert.

If the person doesn’t come again and convert inside the cookie lifestyles or wipes your tracking, you lose the commissions – even though they arrive again and purchase.

Companies with a couple of brands might also link to those manufacturers as navigational factors, and if the packages do no longer use the equal monitoring device and service provider IDs to fee you across purchasing carts, you could lose income to the opposite manufacturers.

Some networks like ShareASale make it easy with their shops connect function. I agree with Impact and Everflow provide easy multi-cart integrations too.

Let’s study an example. Please word that I actually have in no way or as a minimum now not currently (within the final 10 years), labored with the Gap, seen its tracking, or requested the corporation approximately it.

The instance below is due to the fact I needed a brand that has its other stores related from the header. It does not imply Gap’s associate application is bad or isn’t tracking across shops.

It is big sufficient to have go-logo monitoring, which would be a large benefit to its associates, however I even have for my part never tested this – so once more, take a look at for yourself.

The test right here is to:

  • Join the Gap affiliate program.
  • Click from the Gap website to Banana Republic or Old Navy.
  • Make a buy at Banana Republic or Old Navy and notice if the commission suggests up in your account for Gap.
  • If it does, that means the emblem is monitoring throughout the brands, and you possibly get a commission no matter which of its manufacturers it sends your referrals to.

I’m no longer using my modern clients due to the fact none are actively doing this, and this is not a self-promotional post. That’s why I selected Gap. I haven’t any relationship with the organisation (as a ways as I realize), and I love Banana Republic. It makes first-rate T-shirts.

And there are greater styles of leaks.

Multi-fee software carrier carriers have joined affiliate programs and are established in a merchant’s checkout as a benefit to the consumer.

Brands that have marketplaces and permit clicks to go outside also are leaks.

You should locate that the market or sure SKUs within the market are not commissionable, but the products are those you’re selling. It’s no longer a leak, but it’s miles similar.

These are all everyday matters and are a part of the enterprise.

But don’t panic; most unmarried network packages can installation protections for your commissions, which is why we check. Each save and every software is special and makes decisions based totally on their goals. They’re doing what they feel is right for them, and that is okay.

It is your activity to check and see in which the commission is going so that you can guard your personal sales move. Leaks and cease-of-sale companions are part of the atmosphere; they’re now not going everywhere.

It doesn’t mean they’re appropriate or awful. The emblem makes selections for the brand’s quality interest, and also you want to make selections based totally on yours.

You don’t have any scarcity of affiliate programs you could promote, so don’t get discouraged if one is full of leaks and does not have attribution installation correctly.

Pro-tip: Ask for higher commissions after attribution checking out if the commissioning lines don’t work.

If you’re a pinnacle funnel companion and you introduce customers to the emblem (that is one of a kind than new to document), your touch factors are the most treasured because you manipulate in which the person goes and which brands they study – no longer in the event that they make a final buy. Without you, the store doesn’t get the sale in any respect.

High Payouts Are Not Always Better

Higher commissions do no longer mean more money or that it is a good affiliate program.

Sometimes they mean the program is in shambles, the company is desperate for sales, or they’re approximately to churn and burn.

That is an severe scenario, however it occurs.

Other times they have to make up for leaks and coffee conversion fees.

There are also blended payment fashions to consider. Here are examples. One is actual existence from my old song niche website online; the opposite is something I’ve tested over time and used as selling points for affiliate recruitment.

Example 1: Real lifestyles

I changed into lured into looking to sell tickets to indicates with a in reality quality custom fee from a couple of ticket companies. I barely made anything selling the tickets, despite the fact that the visitors turned into reviews of indicates and had a high purpose to buy.

A smaller software provided me less than $zero.30 in step with proven lead for the equal visitors. I wasn’t making money on tickets, so I stated why no longer. It seems my traffic did convert on the lead program, and after some time, they upped me to a dollar or some greenbacks in line with conversion due to the fact the satisfactory turned into precise.

Yes, a $300 price ticket to a display might have been a pleasing fee, however I wasn’t incomes it.

My cash got here from a program with the smallest payout in the space.

Then subsequently, I close the web page down due to the fact I become beginning my company, and the site were given hacked thru a plugin vulnerability and killed readership. (Queue the violin and pity party.)

Example 2

Suppose software A has a 25% fee and application B has a 40% commission. Both websites have identical audience revel in and conversion charges, and both have a ninety-day tracking hole.

The one distinction is that software A is the use of database monitoring and not cookies, so as soon as the purchaser is locked into your account, those commissions are yours.

If clients reorder every 60 to 70 days, then software A is certainly paying roughly 50% because of the second buy within the timeframe. And the equal aspect applies to ordinary commissions.

Let’s faux program A is 10% recurring and application B is forty% one-time. If the common existence of the purchaser is 5 years, then program A can be greater worthwhile, specially if expenses boom. You’ll earn 10% five times vs forty% one time.

This could be very commonplace in B2B packages and SAAS.

Program B is super for brief bursts of sales, however application A units you up for regular lengthy-time period sales and more money average.

With all else same, and if program A doesn’t close, A is greater profitable than B because the entire earned is greater than the single payout.

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5. Affiliate Program EPCs Are Skewed Metrics

A big crimson flag for me is a excessive community EPC. EPC generally method profits consistent with click on. When the community EPC is excessive, you can wager some thing fishy goes on.

Go to Google or Bing and kind the emblem name coupons in. Look on the PPC advertisements and the organic consequences.

You’ll probable find those are energetic associates, that is inflating the numbers because an affiliate click on at the give up of the checkout will usually have abnormally high conversion rates.

These partners inflate the EPC, and if attribution isn’t installation correctly, you can lose a portion of your sales to those associates even though you rightfully earned the fee. That is why it is a pink flag and why you have to check.

And the equal applies to low EPCs. If the program has a low community EPC there will be tracking or conversion troubles. But don’t remember it out.

Use the short and lengthy-time period EPCs. I’ve had conditions wherein our EPC dropped significantly on one time-frame but no longer the alternative.

We had a large emailer do a blast that decimated the EPC numbers, and then the numbers back to everyday over the next few months as the e-mail campaign effect changed into offset.

The only EPC range that matters is your personal one.

Once you’ve joined the program and despatched a few hundred traffic, look to look what your EPC is. If you’re in more than one similar applications, look to look in which you’re converting pleasant.

Your personal EPCs are in which you can start trying out and removing to discover the most worthwhile associate application in your unique audience.

And recall, as your website grows and your target market gets larger, otherwise you appeal to new types of SEO keywords and demographics, EPCs shift. Do a evaluation as soon as a month or once 1 / 4 to peer in the event that they’re converting, and regulate your links consequently.

Pro tip: Ask the affiliate supervisor for the SKUs and products you’re promoting with color and length variations. If there’s a heavy “skew” towards a specific “SKU” variation, change the pix in your promotions out to those your referrals purchase extra frequently.

This should growth your clickthroughs and income numbers. I.E., in case you’re selling the pink and large model, but absolutely everyone is purchasing for green and medium, attempt the inexperienced and medium one rather.

6. Multiple Affiliate Programs And Multiple Networks

Find out if there is a private software, 2nd network, or sub-associate networks that aren’t part of the primary software. Brands don’t need to pay two commissions on the equal sale, so simplest one affiliate community will commonly win out.

This is where attribution and touch point based commissioning no longer work and wherein affiliate manager might not completely recognize why.

Let’s fake we have two networks, A and B. Here are a couple situations.

Section 1

You are on Network A and did a video about how to installation a fridge and endorsed a particular wrench.

You despatched a consumer to the shop for the wrench, and that they have attribution testing so that an stop-of-sale touch factor like a chit web site displaying up for “Brand coupons” can not overwrite your fee. But that coupon web site is truly in Network B.

If the shopping cart, now not the associate community, does now not robotically commission Network A, and additionally the top funnel click on in Network A, you misplaced your fee to the coupon website in Network B.

Network A will no longer be able to song it lower back due to the fact the purchasing cart isn’t always installation for contact point commissioning. You earned that fee, but due to the fact this system is on two networks, you lose the fee even though the community you’re on is set up effectively.

Remember, Network A being set up with proper monitoring and commissioning doesn’t depend due to the fact the purchasing cart is missing the right logic code.

Section 2

You sell a preferred product and ship a consumer out of your listcicle to the store via Network A. Network B is in which the overview companions are.

Reviews construct consider for the customer however also add a brand new contact point from a competing affiliate community.

Many instances you’ll locate cut up commissions in Network A, wherein you get 60% and the evaluate associate gets 40%. But due to the fact that is a 2nd gadget, chances are Network B will take the sale due to the fact the shopping cart isn’t always set up for conditional logic.

Companies with a couple of applications rarely build their shopping cart attribution to the tiers needed, and this is the trouble. The commissions here in all likelihood gained’t get cut up and you received’t earn anything.

Section 3

You are on Network A and the usage of a subnetwork’s links.

Network B has a click on, and the buying cart is programmed for Network B to lose out to Network A whenever. This need to be correct.

Currently, the sub-associate will get the fee, and you receives a commission.

Suddenly, another affiliate in Network A or some other associate within the sub-associate network has a click on.

Now it’s miles up to 2 factors outside your manage to determine if you earn anything.

If the sub-network is set up for first-click on commissioning and the second click is likewise in the sub-network, you get the commission. If not, the second one click on does. This is the in all likelihood situation.
If the sub-community and the other first-tier associate have the identical attribution, probabilities are the sub-community loses out, and also you don’t get a commission. (To be fair, the sub-affiliate community doesn’t both).
This is why it’s miles continually better to no longer use subnetworks while you may avoid it. Join the Best Affiliate Programs immediately whilst you may.

But there are masses of situations while they are wanted, and the sub-associate networks can be huge time savers and have custom payouts helping you earn greater. So don’t rely them out.

Some are as smooth as including JavaScript to your website online and backfilling in which you forgot to include an affiliate link.

The only way to know in case you’ll receives a commission is to test.

Join Network A and click on your link, then find an affiliate on Network B and click on their hyperlink inside the identical browser window.
Make a buy and see in case you get the sale. If the sale didn’t seem on your account, write to the supervisor and ask in which it went.
Chances are it’ll be in Network B with the second affiliate, even though you earned that fee.

In the case of the evaluate associate, both of you upload cost, however you introduced the purchaser and must have earned most of the money. But because there are a couple of affiliate programs or a couple of networks, you lose.

7. Advanced Tracking

Most associate managers are not capable to talk approximately superior tracking.

It isn’t their process to know the way it works, that’s unfortunate, and plenty of will deliver a frequent answer.

But don’t settle if they’re simply being lazy.

Affiliate manager need to be capable of get you the technical information from their IT groups. If they can not, and their solution doesn’t make experience, that is a warning signal they’ll cover other things from you too.

If they are saying, “I don’t understand,” and depart it on my own, at the least you’ll understand they’re sincere.

If they are saying, “I don’t realize, but permit me ask IT,” you then recognize they are sincere and will attempt to discover a decision. This speaks volumes about them as a accomplice.

Advanced tracking is vital because monitoring era has to adapt to satisfy contemporary standards. Whether it’s miles iOS stripping parameters from emails, or browsers not monitoring 1/3-birthday party cookies, the percentages are by no means for your desire as an associate marketer.

This is where pass-device tracking is available in – or the use of IPs, databases, passing specific variables with out cookies, and fingerprinting. Talk to the networks and spot what stage of tracking they have for the affiliate programs on their platform.

Once you realize, ask if the packages you want to enroll in are the use of it. If they’re, ask the affiliate manager if you may run a few tests.

To take a look at move-tool affiliate program tracking:

Click your affiliate hyperlink to your laptop and get to the point where enough information has been accumulated.
Open up your cell smartphone and finish the purchase without clicking your associate link again.
If the fee tracks lower back to you, success. If it didn’t, move-device isn’t set up correctly and you’ve an example they can use to fix it.

This is some thing you could do to be proactive and get on the good facet of the associate supervisor. Having a positive relationship with them will go a long way in how lots you may make and your ability to get custom commissions or offers.

There’s a lot more that you may use to determine what the satisfactory associate programs are, in which you may make the most cash, and which of them to avoid.

Some networks like ShareASale display you software uptime and downtime that will help you see if the program “accidently” shuts down seasonally, and others might also permit you to see that have escrow money owed to ensure funding is in location.

Each is crucial, however most effective once you’ve narrowed it down and are caught finding out among or 3 pinnacle alternatives.

The seven gadgets above will assist slender the sector quickly and assist set you up for lengthy-time period achievement, that is why they depend the most to me.

I wish this list facilitates you like it has helped me.

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