Twitter is grappling with a significant number of unused and abandoned accounts, and the platform’s CEO, Elon Musk, aims to address this issue. In a recent announcement, Musk revealed that Twitter plans to purge inactive accounts and archival processes to free up abandoned handles.

This move by Twitter follows a pattern of alterations influenced by Elon Musk’s direct involvement with external entities. Not long ago, the billionaire threatened to reassign NPR’s social media handle due to its account inactivity. NPR had recently left Twitter after being labeled as “state-affiliated media.” Surprisingly, despite just a month passing since NPR’s departure, Musk is already contemplating reassignment due to their inactivity.

Under Twitter’s upcoming initiative, inactive accounts will be purged. Elon Musk shared this development in a tweet (via Engadget), stating that the platform will be “purging accounts that have shown no activity for several years.” However, the specifics regarding the duration of inactivity remain unclear. It remains to be seen whether Twitter will notify account holders before their accounts are purged. Hopefully, the company will provide further clarification on this matter.

It’s important to note that these accounts will not be outright deleted; instead, they will be archived. Consequently, if your account is mistakenly purged, there might be a means of recovery.

Unfortunately, detailed information about the recovery process is currently unavailable. More information is expected to be available once the account purging commences.

In his tweet, Elon Musk did not anticipate that users might witness a decline in their follower count. While this is regrettable, it is not entirely unforeseen. Individuals often abandon Twitter but leave their accounts intact, resulting in extended periods of dormancy.

While the purge of inactive accounts on Twitter may inconvenience some users who wish to retain them, it could be a relief for those who possess multiple accounts with no practical use.

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