Instagram Finally Begins Testing An Option To Turn Off Read Receipts

Providing examine receipts has lengthy been a preference throughout almost each messaging platform. Now, one of the biggest holdouts, Instagram, is ultimately checking out a feature that shall we users disguise when they’ve “seen” a message. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram head Adam Mosseri each introduced the update on their Instagram Broadcast channels.

Mosseri also shared an photograph of the way the function will work. The choice will live below the Privacy and Safety tab, on hand by means of clicking at the individual’s call from within the chat. From there, a phase will seem referred to as “Who can see your interest”. Just switch the toggle underneath and all perspectives moving forward ought to then grow to be non-public. However, any messages dispatched in vanish mode will nonetheless have examine receipts.


Whether you open a message with a video and can’t listen right away or just do not need to respond in the moment, there are plenty of motives why hiding your read receipts can be useful. However, they failed to say whilst the choice will roll out to everyone or even how exactly they’re checking out it. Also uncertain is that if you will have to turn it off for each person or if there’ll sooner or later be an overarching choice.

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Meta-owned WhatsApp has allowed users to hide their read receipts seeing that 2014, but Messenger, like Instagram, nevertheless automatically shows while a message is viewed. Maybe in the future all Meta platforms will permit for checking messages discreetly, but until then, we’re going to watch how the Instagram test goes.

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