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Google has introduced four new GA4 Home Page features to enhance users’ experience:

  1. New welcome tutorial
  2. New banner
  3. Improved “Suggested for you” section:
  4. Dismissal of suggestions, insights, and recommendations

New welcome tutorial: A brief tutorial has been added to the Home page to introduce essential concepts and settings to new GA4 users.

New banner: A banner titled “Verify your Google Ads settings” now appears at the top of the Home page for Editors and Administrators who use Google Ads in conjunction with GA4 data. The banner highlights key tasks that need to be completed to bid against GA4 data and disappears once all tasks are marked as complete in Setup Assistant.

Improved “Suggested for you” section: The section now provides users with cards that are popular across all Analytics properties and those that users frequently return to.

Dismissal of suggestions, insights, and recommendations: Users can now dismiss irrelevant cards in the “Suggested for you” or “Insights & recommendations” sections by clicking the thumbs-down button. This feedback helps GA4 curate the Home page for users in the future. After clicking the thumbs-down button, the card will not reappear for the next 30 days. However, users can still access all insights and recommendations from the Insights Hub, including dismissed ones.

In addition, GA4 properties now include an action button at the bottom right of each page that reveals the number of tasks marked as complete in Setup Assistant. Clicking the button opens the Setup Assistant, allowing users to continue completing essential setup tasks.

These enhancements make the GA4 Home page more user-friendly, streamlined, and personalized. Users can quickly grasp essential concepts and settings with the welcome tutorial, ensure a seamless connection between Google Ads and Analytics data with the new banner, and efficiently complete key setup tasks with the Setup Assistant. These updates significantly improve the process of utilizing GA4 data to optimize advertising strategies. The announcement You can read more about the New GA4 Home Page features on Google’s Analytics Help page.

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